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Next Lotto Draw irrelevant to History

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Forum Name: History is History! Wheels are De-Wheeled!
Forum Discription: You may examine a Lotto History and see how it has conformed to Probability Expectations but as a guide to future drawings it is no better than any other same game history, anywhere!
Printed Date: July 18 2019 at 12:19pm

Topic: Next Lotto Draw irrelevant to History
Posted By: Colin F
Subject: Next Lotto Draw irrelevant to History
Date Posted: June 06 2009 at 6:47am

In my early days of Lotto number analysis starting 1999 I spent considerable time investigating every nook and cranny of somehow getting a set of numbers to play in the next draw based on the previous draws for that specific game and designed to give the best chance of a lower tier prize.

From the outset it was apparent to me that there was something absurd about this as in the first place one had no control over the parameters ie there was nothing to stop the Lotto operators testing their machine or Random Number Generator which meant no real meaning could be given to chronology order. Also, just a rudimentary look or refresh of Probability would confront one with the principle of Independent Events. However, this has not stopped practically all the Lotto operators around the world publishing data and charts on absence or recency and frequency or occurrence for the integers used. Moreover, especially in Australia the Lotto Operators encourage System plays or all the combinations of six integers for a small number of the integers used in the game. This I have shown to be the 2nd worst method of playing Lotto beaten only by playing a set with the same line repeated over and over again. See - 15 Lotto Number Sets Analyzed from Worst to Best .
So, I set myself a task to find the best result by using history and to expose the weakness of this method while at the same time looking for the method to give the most consistent best percentage return. The upshot of all this can be distilled into a recognition that in say the Classic Lotto game where 6 integers are picked from 49 to form a line, any sample contiguous 56 draws is a good random sample and can be used as a template to randomize for future draws.This can be improved on by around 5% by eliminating duplicate subsets and maximizing Coverage. However, the same result can be achieved programmatically without reference to any history of draws by simply considering all the combination possibilities.
The use of the history of Lotto draws for a particular game to somehow reduce the number of integers and predict the next draw is the stuff of hoaxers, shysters, morons, idiots, occultists, con-artists, swindlers, ignoramuses and the just plain stupid.
Colin Fairbrother  

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