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Perfect Dog Breed Balanced Lotto Wheel.

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Forum Name: Lotto without numbers.
Forum Discription: In Probability books it is common to use a deck of Cards or Dice to illustrate the solving of problems. Here we use objects such as Cards or Dog Breeds in our quest for the Perfect Wheel.
Printed Date: May 19 2019 at 9:55am

Topic: Perfect Dog Breed Balanced Lotto Wheel.
Posted By: Colin F
Subject: Perfect Dog Breed Balanced Lotto Wheel.
Date Posted: June 10 2005 at 11:56pm

For those that do not take this seriously - leave immediately.

I would like to arrive at the most perfect harmonised, balanced, ying-yang, Karma equilibrium Wheel possible. The objective is to make Gail Howard so envious that she will become, if not already, a cat lover.

I have decided to use Dog Breeds as my medium and am open to suggestions on which ones to include.

Some equivalents I have already settled on - but I'm open to suggestions.

  1. Odds/Evens to Male/Female
  2. Number magnitude to Height
  3. Sums to Height Sums
  4. Root sums to Dog Length
  5. Number Sections to Dog Category

Now, I would like to be very fair about this, especially since we are an international orientated Lotto Forum, so I would like our Dog Breeds to fairly represent the countries our registered members come from.

Here are a few for starters:
Airedale Terrier (UK)
Alaskin Malamute (USA)
Alsatian (Germany)
Africanis (South Africa)
Australian Shepherd - Aussie (USA)
Black Mouth Cur (USA)
Blue Heeler (Australia)
Boerboel (South Africa)
Bull Terrier (UK)
Chow Chow
Eskimo Dog (Canada)
Fox Terrier (UK)
Irish Wolfhound
Newfoundland (Canada)
Papillon (France)
Rat Terrier (USA)
Silky Terrier (Australia)
Teddy Roosvelt Terrier (USA)

Your assistance please!

We are taking on the World here!


Lotto Draws have no relationship to one another; the integers serve just as identifiers. Any prediction calculation on one history of draws for a same type game is just as irrelevant as another.

Posted By: winamillion
Date Posted: September 04 2007 at 2:13pm
Dachshunds!  My Doxie 'Jingle Bells' was very lucky for me.  USA


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